Will Oculus promote Meta Verse or create a fear?

(Continued from the previous article)

In the previous article,  we discussed the Oculus and how it is reportedly been designed to cause damage to the human brain. The device is fortunately not yet out in the market and Mr Palmer Luckey no longer works in Meta. But he has how own company and could very well develop this VR set on his own.

While Mr Palmer boasts that he is “Fascinated” by the possibility of bringing the Meta Verse person closer to the real person, if it is to cause damage to the physical person, then the idea is sinister.

To many this is very scary …so scary that they would like to keep themselves away from any VR. Who knows that there is no hidden explosive charge inside which can be triggered by an event in a Meta Verse event?

While people like us may like to push for the laws to control such devices, the public may be also worried that since VRs may be used by many children, the device can be used to cyber hypnotize the users to reveal financial details of their parents or other secrets with which another criminal attack can be launched on the person.

We cannot wish away that this is only a speculation. If people ccoudl create games like the Blue Whale to make children commit suicide, they will definitely use the VR to exploit the immersive experience to Cyber hypnotize the subject and steal information leading to further crimes.

I am also anticipating that terrorists would use it to brainwash members from the public and motivate them for lone wolf attacks.

If we watch the above video and read some of the comments, it is clear that there are many who seem to enjoy this kind of a device. They may be commenting in jest but the possibility that some of them could become agents of a kingpin is plausible.

In view of the above, I trust that Government of India will immediately place all VR sets under a system of “Licensing” based on a critical evaluation of the hardware at code level. The Meta Verse sites that could interact with the users of this kind of advanced VR sets should also be monitored on a continuous basis to ensure that there are no deep web sites that cause an “Immersive” experience to create criminals prowling in the society.

Time to act now…. Address a communication to the Indian Government to take note of this danger.



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