IDPS 2022 of FDPPI discusses Neuro Rights Regulation

The Indian Data Protection Summit 2022 (IDPS 2022) of FDPPI (Foundation of Data protection Professionals in India) which was held between 11th and 13th November 2022 as a virtual conference launched a discussion on the need for Neuro Rights in India.

On Day 1 of the conference, Dr Rafeal Yuste, the Professor of Neuro Science in the University of Columbia addressed the conference and his speech is available below.

On Day 3, Naavi, Chairman of FDPPI made a brief introdcutory presentation the video of which is available below. (Will be posted shortly).

With this, the first steps in launching a discussion on Neurorights legislation in India has commenced  under FDPPI, which is a Not for profit organization located in Bangalore.

Any other organization interested in joining this movement may kindly contact Naavi, Founder of and Chairman of FDPPI.


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